Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's my lucky day...AGAIN!!

This week my clutches are featured on the ETSY Blog! 

My friend Chrissy the author and creator of the beautiful site  The Perfect Palette was asked to be Etsy's 'Guest Pinner' on Pinterest, and she choose my gray, white and yellow clutches to be featured!!

If you've never visited The Perfect Palette you are missing the most gorgeous eye candy around. You don't have to be planning a wedding to use the beautiful color combinations Chrissy has curated. Do you need to pick a color palette for decorating a room, picking out a special outfit, designing a business logo? You'll find color combinations that will work beautifully and they're all on one amazing site.

Check out the pinterest board she's selected, each day more items are added so check back all week.

You can read more about it on the Etsy Blog

And don't forget to visit The Perfect Palette and stay contacted with Chrissy through

Thank you again Chrissy for including my clutches in your pretty collection!

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