Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Queen Bee

I hope that you know that I have an Etsy shop PaperFlora where I sell clutches, cosmetic bags, totes and market bags. Most of my customers are brides looking for unique and personalized gifts. BUT I do sell a lot of clutches and cosmetic bags to individual customers too.
I have been thinking recently about entering some craft shows/fairs. I've been busy trying to gather as much information on the "How To's" as I can get. I've received a lot of info about where to find shows;

My Arts and Crafts

Indie Crafts Shows 

So You Want To Do Craft Shows?

I've even start collecting ideas for booth set ups on my Pinterest Boards Craft Show Ideas

But I think the most important tip, almost everyone has mentioned it, is to visit the show before signing up. Take a look around, does it represent your asthetic, would you be a good fit? Remember your first show will be your most expensive because of all your initial costs.

So I've been doing my homework and I have come across this show that is fairly close by, they are in the O.C. I'm in the L.A.C. They look well organized. Their show is growing quickly, gaining attention and  is well attended.

It's called the Queen Bee Market

I'm looking forward to attending their next event and hopefully being a vendor in 2013! 
Do you have any Craft Fair tips you'd like to share? 
Please comment below so we can all learn from your experiences. 


  1. Looks like you've been doing your homework. Visiting shows before entering them is a must as different venues are geared for different people so it is important to find one meets your clientele criteria. And being in shows is a never ending process of learning and improving. I learned something new with each show I participated in and my booth and displays were forever a work-in-progress. :)

  2. I think all your pretty things would do great at a Craft Fair... You have pretty things and they should sell great!

  3. I agree with Almost Precious- you've done a great job with your homework. ;) Thanks so much for the shout outs for QBM. I really appreciate it!
    As far as tips go- I think it's important to visit the show you want to participate in and make sure they have your target audience. I've had vendors do another show with 20,000 and not sold well...but then they've gone to smaller shows and done fantastic. I also think the way you present your products is hugely important- more than most people realize. And I think it's the best when vendors have a good range of prices. There are some people willing to spend a lot of money but others that are on a strict budget. Having a wide range in price means you're not limiting yourself to one type of shopper.
    Hope that helps!!