Friday, August 5, 2011

Color Pops at Pinterest

New silk clutch collection from PaperFlora
I've been introduced to Pinterest....I love it.
It took some time to figure out all the great things I could do with this new resource.

I kept thinking that it was like an inspiration board limited to 5-6 pictures and I couldn't figure out why you'd follow someone. 
I had to start thinking of it as a storage file so instead of finding a great idea, picture or item then copying it, making a file and storing it in that file on your computer you can install a "pin it" button in your nav. bar. Every time you see something you like you hit the "pin it" button which clips it and takes you to pinterest. It then asks where you'd like to store it, that's what the "boards" are for. They are like files and if it's a flower  you might have a flower board, or if it's someplace you'd like to travel to you'll have a travel board, a recipe you want to try you have a recipe board...
Now the good thing about it is it saves all the info about the item so if you use it on your blog or anywhere else all the correct link info and credits are there too. 

Now as far as following someone, I guess that's personal preference and you can follow a single board or an entire person. You can pick individual items from within their boards and add to your own. 

window display at Zinnia in South Pasadena CA. 
It may sound confusing but once you start playing around it's really fun. But it could also be just one more thing to get compulsive about too! 


  1. YIKES!! I don't think so!! ^_^ I have my hands full with my blog!...But I sure do like seeing what all of the bloggers I follow come up with on Pinterest! I'll keep looking at theirs!! ^_^

  2. I'm a total Pinterest addict myself!! You can find The Perfect Palette here:

    *PS. I have a couple of your clutches in my 'Favorite Clutches' Board :)

  3. Beautiful! I love paper lanterns because they bring back wonderful memories.