Monday, April 25, 2011

The deconstruction of a gown Part 2

It's all done...boxed and shipped! And it only took me about 5 months!
I received a lot of comments about my recycling project and it has been a project close to my heart. I want to update you and share some photos so you can see what actually became of Ami's wedding gown.
If you remember in my original post "deconstruction part 1"
Ami had asked me to make ring pillows for her 4 children out of her wedding gown. I told here I would gladly do it and maybe I could think of a few other things they might like as well.
So after working with the dress, measuring & brainstorming this is what I designed.

I made 4 ring pillows. Each pillow is made using the fabric from the front of the dress. I used the appliqued pieces from the sleeves, lace from the border and designed fabric flowers from the fabric, tulle and netting.
Each is a little different from simple to more elaborate. Because if Ami's children are anything like mine, they each have very different and distinctive taste!

Next I made 4 garters. Again each ranging from plain to more ornate. The flowers are made from the dress fabric with beaded centers. We added a touch of blue just in case.

You might be thinking that's not a lot of items from a huge wedding gown. Because I thought the same thing. But here is what I learned, there isn't a lot of plain fabric on a wedding gown almost everything has some kind of detail and embellishment and you can't sew on or over sequins, lace and beading.

After I finished these projects I wanted to make something special for Ami, it was her dress she sacrificed after all. I couldn't think of anything that would be appropriate for "the mother of the bride". Then I thought....duh....I make purses, why not make a purse? So here it is a little clutch for her to hold, a little piece of her dress that she could have all to herself.
I used what little fabric I had left, removed the lace, beaded applique  and attached to the front of her keepsake. I enclosed a little note saying "For Ami, this embellishment was taken off the front bodice of your dress. It was close to your heart when you wore this dress and I hope it will be close to your heart again".


  1. I am thoroughly impressed!! And it looks like a lot of things to me too!! :-)You did a great job...Great job!!!

  2. Incredible job with all the items and a perfect choice for the mother! Beautifully done!!! :O)

  3. These are so beautiful. What a great idea! The small bag with the beading and the note is so sweet.

  4. That is awesome! I have four kids as well and my wedding dress is in the attic with three inches of mud around the hem. Deconstruction is really the only solution at this point!

  5. I am totally blown away. Everything turned out so perfect and special. What a lovely way to take care of old wedding dress. You did an amazing job...

  6. Aweee, that was the sweetest post, Beautiful work, and so touching that you made the mother a small hand purse, and the part about "close to her heart" well, So sweetly romantic, I love it.
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  7. Where do I sign up to follow you?

  8. Hi, thanks for your visit to my blog, which led me to hours. I have been looking around and you are very talented. I love what you did with the wedding dress. Mine is just sitting in my closet, never to be used and this would be a great idea!