Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Part 1 "The Deconstruction of a Wedding..."

...wedding gown that is that is!
A sweet woman contacted me a few months back in my Etsy shop. She mentioned she liked my style and loved the fabric flowers that we make and wanted to suggest a project. Ami wanted to know if I'd be interested in taking her wedding gown apart and use it to make keepsakes for her children's weddings. I was so excited about the opportunity. After getting a few more details worked out, she shipped me her wedding gown. When I took it out of the huge box it was amazing. It had bead work and sparkles, lace and buttons....
I hung it up in my studio (extra bedroom for those of you who know me). And there it hung all white and sparkly, but also worn and dated. Dated just in style, the huge bow that went across the back of the dress was a tall tail sign this dress didn't just come off the fashion runways.
Every time I entered the room it would call out to me...today? Is today the day we are going to get started? I had sooooo many ideas in my head that I didn't know where to start. So a few weeks ago I brought her out so that I could really see what I was working with.
Ami wanted ring pillows, 4 of them, and anything else that I thought would work. I thought of maybe using the lace and making garters or lots of flowers with the trims and embroidery.

When I sorted through all my ideas and decided to just plunge in and make the first cut it was a difficult task.  I'd have my scissors in hand ready to take that first snip but just couldn't do it. I kept thinking of how important this dress was. How much time did Ami spend picking out this perfect dress? How she must have loved every detail (even the big butt bow). I thought of who buttoned up all those buttons on that special day. And how she must have looked in it.
So put away the scissors and started with a small seam ripper. It was less painful for me. I began to remove the beaded detail of the sleeves one single stitch at a time. It was time consuming, I didn't want to make a mistake and remove beading or sequins...
As I went on, my trepidation turned into excitement as I envisioned what each piece would be used for. I'm still in the process of designing and placement but it's coming along. Take a look and if you have any suggestions please share!


  1. My aunt did this with her dress. She made a pillow for herself to remember her dress. No daughters to pass it down to. I think your idea of pillows and garters is great! :O)

  2. What a great project to sink your teeth into!! I'd be "skeered!" LOL I can't wait to follow this wedding dress through it's transformation!

  3. How about a baby baptism gown or bonnet. Who knows if her daughter is even planning a family but would be a lovely momento. One amazing day full of memories to another amazing milestone full of memories.
    <3 Tammi Paisley

  4. This is an amazing idea!Cannot wait to see the finished products!!!!! What an honor.

  5. What an amazing project. I'm sure it will look perfect!

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  6. I keep thinking about this dress! I can't wait to hear more!!!