Saturday, January 1, 2011


Well here we are in 2011!
With all it's firsts not to mention just the date alone 1-1-11.
Do you get the feeling of a new start with each Jan. 1st or do you just keep moving along as before?
Do you start that new diet, pledge to be "a better ______" you can fill in your own blank. Or are you one of the many who think it's just another day no need for big life changes?

I'm going to make a few resolutions this year that don't have a lot to do with me.
1. I'm going to visit more blogs and leave comments where ever I go. I know I appreciate a little affirmation I'm sure others would too.

2. I'm going to spread the word about other great sites I see. Either through Twitter or here on the blog.
So if you have something going on please let me know I'd love to help you get the word out!

3. I'm not going to play the blog numbers many visits, how many followers, how many...

What about you what are you going to do or not do?


  1. Lovely! I'm loving everyone's blog even though I haven't officially started mine, lol! :)

  2. awesome list! My vow is to make my site more functional - though I am not a webmaster by any stretch of the imagination! Happy New Year!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  3. Number 3 is a hard one but would give me a lot more peace to just let it go and enjoy myself. Happy New Year to you!!! :O)

  4. I think I'd like to adopt your resolutions too! (although diet is on my list ugh LOL)
    I use twitter quite a lot (which is where I was lucky enough to find YOU!) and will continue,but use it to affirm others more. Good ideas! Thanks for sharing, my friend!

  5. I love your blog, the bags are just gorgeous!

  6. Love visiting crafty blogs. That will stay! Family & dr appts are taking over already & the year just started! Focus on my etsy shop in between each day! Fit some scrapping in there too! More reading, taking more pix, meeting new people, making time to bake, working on our soccer academy as well... my list is too long--!!
    happy 2011 =)

  7. ** the address to my button on the left is now:

    Enjoy your day!

  8. Hi PaperFlora, happy new year with all the best wishes!I found you through twitter, grabbed your button and placed it on my blog and it looks so cute.In my blog I present other people and their work.So if anyone is interested, feel free to contact me, elsa