Monday, December 13, 2010

Things I'll do better next year!!

I know that Christmas isn't even here yet, and you may be asking yourself  "what is she worried about next year for?"  Because that's the way I am! Always looking ahead which isn't always a good thing.
BUT back to my question-  
What will you do differently next year to either be more prepared, spend less money or just for some stress relief?
Please share your ideas so that we can all gain from each others experience (disasters). It doesn't just have to be in your home, how about your work place, your church or neighborhood.

I'll start first- What I'd do differently? I'd take people up on their offer to help without thinking that I have to do it all. I have a lot of talented friends who could and would do things much better than I can! When someone asks if they can help, I'm going to say "Yes, thank you!"

What about you?


  1. i always say this..but i'd plan ahead. i should be paying attention and getting stuff through the year as i find it. instead, i wait till the last minute to get it together

    we haven't even put up our tree yet :(

  2. I usually am really prepared, but found myself running behind this year. It really makes it more stressful so next year back to being organized earlier! I am caught up, but it was hectic getting to this point!