Saturday, April 24, 2010

Button, Button who's got the Button??

There are certain things that I just love that have no explanation. Things like fabric & fabric stores, paper all kinds, wrapping, cards, printed. I even love stationary stores with all their tablets and pencils and every king of pen you could ever think of. I love ribbon and buttons these things make me down right giddy. I know it's not just me, I've seen others in the fabric store walking around in some kind of textile high.
One of my favorite things to hunt for are buttons, I can't get enough buttons.
I do believe this may be hereditary trait because I remember my mom having a mason jar of old buttons on her desk. With all the colors and shapes just there to look at. And my grandmother, who sewed lingerie for one of the manufactures in L.A., had lots of buttons too.
My grandmother was of the generation of repair and wear. You didn't throw away a sock with a hole in it you darned it and fixed the hole. She put patches on pants, stitched up a seam, let down a hem. Always getting more wear out of an outfit than we would ever imagine now a days. In today's world she would be called "green".
When an item had been let out or in, up or down as much as feasible possible and it had to be thrown away she would cut off all the hook and eyes and all the buttons and thread them together so that they could be used on something else. I have a lot of the buttons in an old tin she had at her house for years. They are so fun and have so much personality. Some still tied together with string ready for the next outfit. I pull them out when I think about decorating a card, tag or package, I fumble around for just the right color or size for the job.

But you know what, I've never actually used one on any project. You have to be so deserving of one of these gems I just haven't found anyone to be "button worthy". I just can't get myself to part with any of them, they are like little treasures they are priceless to me.


  1. I loovee buttons! As you would be able to see in my shop,dawnwillbreak, haha i make so many button things! VIntage ones are my favorite :)

  2. I have an old tin full of my grandmother's buttons too! I mainly use them to take pictures ... :-) Lovely blog!

  3. OMG, you are a girl after my own heart, I love buttons! I have starting using up my stash, but I won't live long enough to run out of them.

  4. Cool!- I am just working on a post about buttons and what to do with them, that's quite a coincidence! Maybe I'll have something that will convince you to use your little treasures in an art project!
    thanks for visiting my wee blog,
    I am following you now!

  5. What a great post! I think we all have our little things that remind us of simpler, more secure times in our childhood - your grandmother must have made you feel very special and very loved! For me, it's books and flowers. Grandma lived with us and our house was always filled with books and flowers - as my home is now!

    Glad to be a new follower - love your blog!

  6. There's such beautiful buttons out there, too! I love pretty stuff, too, but had to refrain from buying it, because I don't do anything with them. I love all the bright colors and it does stir happiness inside!

  7. Funny! Maybe I'll start rating people according to how button worthy they are. ;)

  8. I used to spend hours in my grandmother's button drawer. I never tired of going through them, stringing them into necklaces, sorting them, etc. Thanks for taking me back!

  9. love your blog! you are so creative and make the most lovely things! I found you on MBC's FFF... following your GFC! :) please check out my blog too if you get a chance! :)