Saturday, March 13, 2010

The official wedding (indie) video...

I decided to put the link to the wedding video so you can see the whole thing.
This is just the "trailer" it's a 4 minute teaser of what the actual 60 min. video will be. I call it the "friends" video because it's short and sweet. The 60 minute is more like a "family" video, 'cause only family will sit through it!!  And I really struggle with the words "wedding video" it always conjures up the thought of a guest who has had a little too much to drink holding a microphone looking into a shaky camera and giving the couple some strange wedding advice. This is more like a "Wedding Indie Film" Our photographer and videographer was Visual Masterpiece in Brea Ca.     If you are anywhere in California and you need a photographer these are the people to call...and tell them I sent you :)    Check out the video and let me know what you think.        


  1. What a beautiful video, it gave me goosebumps! I never really thought about how important it would be to have a videographer - this has changed my mind!!

  2. You have such a gorgeous family! Beautiful wedding! I love all your little creations too! Thanks for showing the blog love!!!

    Kim @