Friday, March 5, 2010

Etsy Wedding

Hi All-
well I've been visiting all my friends blogs...check the list on the side   > > >
Anyway I've been hesitating about writing anything too personal here on this blog, I thought I should keep it about business. I don't know why I thought that, maybe because I don't think my life is that exciting and who would want to read about it anyway...but I've noticed what I love most about your blogs is the stuff you write about yourselves. The neat things you've come across and what you are doing next.
Soooooo after a lot of thought and some soul searching I've decided to go the personal route. Well maybe not too personal but a nice mix of business and personal, you know "bursonal". So tonight I'm going to put together a post about our biggest event, my daughters wedding. She was married in January and we used lots of Etsy vendors to supply that personal, hand made touch to her special day.
So I'm off to get some pictures and Etsy sellers names, shop names, and all the other information I think you might like to see.
Check back in a day or two, if I don't have any interruptions, I should be able to get it posted by then.
Wish me luck- and if it's not really that interesting then remember " I told you so"

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